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Libra - 11"x 14" Print

Libra - 11"x 14" Print

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Dates: 24 September - 23 October
Element: Air
Characteristics: Social, charming, idealistic, clever

These are just some words to describe the people born under this star sign, we’re sure you can come up with more! 

Talk to your child about these traits. Do they know what they mean? Can they add more words to describe themselves?

You can discuss how everybody is different and at the same time similar. How we all have our own personalities, parts of it which we love, some which we want to improve on to become better people.  Have fun helping them know themselves and describing their personality. Talk to them about yours too. You can learn a lot from each other and the people that surround you!

Do they see themselves being represented by these attributes? Was someone else you know born under this sign? A sibling, a friend, parent, cousin? Do you see them represented in those qualities? Ask them when they felt they were: loving, emotional, dependable, protective? Let them tell you how they see themselves!


This original artwork is currently available as an 11"x14" high quality ink print on 100lb cover felt paper.

You can place the print directly on your wall (using your favorite mounting method, such as washi tape, double sided masking tape, etc) or use a frame with an 11"x14" window.



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