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Diva Bunny - Print

Diva Bunny - 11"x 14" Print

  • $ 2500

Shine Bright - Do your best, show others what you can do!

The magic of acting, playing someone else, it’s like pretend play for kids. There are so many opportunities for people to act. They can do theater plays, act on TV shows and movies, perform in local plays or become puppeteers, act in TV commercials, do shows for kids… Acting is also an art, an expression of oneself.

Have you ever played anyone? Do you like to pretend play? Who do you know is an actor or actress? Do you enjoy acting?


This original artwork is currently available as an 11"x14" high quality ink print on 100lb cover felt paper.

You can place the print directly on your wall (using your favorite mounting method, such as washi tape, double sided masking tape, etc) or use a frame with an 11"x14" window.


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