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Baking Bunny - 11"x 14" Print

Baking Bunny - 11"x 14" Print

  • $ 2500

Do what you Love! - It’s important to enjoy what you do, you will be happy and become great at it!

For those who enjoy playing around in the kitchen, getting messy and creating one-of-a-kind baked goods. Talk about baking, ingredients, the process of mixing, the oven, icing them, all the things that you can bake! Not only cupcakes and brownies, but also all kinds of breads, pies, cookies, etc. You can dream together of organizing a bake sale, baking for friends, making recipes with different healthy ingredients, or even opening their own bakery in the future!

Have you ever baked anything? What would you like to bake? Have you baked anything without a recipe? Do you have a favorite baked good?


This original artwork is currently available as an 11"x14" high quality ink print on 100lb cover felt paper.

You can place the print directly on your wall (using your favorite mounting method, such as washi tape, double sided masking tape, etc) or use a frame with an 11"x14" window.


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