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Astronaut Bunny - 11"x 14" Print

Astronaut Bunny - 11"x 14" Print

  • $ 2500

Reach for the Stars - Aim high and work towards it. You will go far!

Talk to your little one about space, about astronauts that get to travel to space and see the Earth from up above. Discuss the existence of different planets, the moon, rockets and spaceships, astronauts, far away galaxies…  Men and women become astronauts after rigorous training. You can dream it, you can do it! You can also talk about working in different fields like astronomy, space engineering, etc. 

Do you like space? Would you like to become an astronaut? What planets have you heard of? 


This original artwork is currently available as an 11"x14" high quality ink print on 100lb cover felt paper.

You can place the print directly on your wall (using your favorite mounting method, such as washi tape, double sided masking tape, etc) or use a frame with an 11"x14" window.


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